1、Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak ________ Chinese.
  A) smooth  B) fluent  C) fluid  D) flowing
2、Government reports, examination compositions, legal documents and most business letters are the main situations ________ formal language is used.
  A) in which  B) on which  C) in that  D) at what
3、Fifty years ago, wealthy people liked hunting wild animals for fun ________ sightseeing.
  A) than to go  B) rather than to go
  C) more than going  D) other than going
4、If the building project ________ by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.
  A) to be completed  B) is completed
  C) being completed    D) completed
1、B smooth指平稳的,光滑的;fluent指流利的,多指语言的流利,流畅;fluid指流体的,液体的;flowing的意思是流动的,平滑的,因此只有B符合题意,答案为B。
2、A 用何种语言的固定搭配是“in…(language)”,由此排除B,D,定语从句中介词后不能接that,因此排除答案C,A为正确答案。
3、C than 表比较级,句子中没有任何比较级词语,所以排除A,B项rather than意思为宁愿,喜欢,不符合本句的意思;more than 是超过,多于的意思;other than意思是除了,一般用于否定句,再考虑动词形式前后一致,因此正确答案为C。
3. A 本题考察过去分词和不定式的用法,根据主语和动词的关系,确定动词须为过去分词,同时句中暗含的是一个将来时,不定式to do 表将来,因此正确答案为A。
1、It is not profitable to provide bus services in districts where the population is widely _____.
  A. scattered  B. dismissed  C. separated  D. spread
2、There are usually at least two _____ of looking at every question.
  A. ways  B. directions  C. views  D. opinions
3、He left in such a hurry that I _____ had time to thank him.
  A. almost  B. even  C. nearly  D. scarcely
4、As more and more cars are produced and used, so the _____ from their exhaust-pipes contains an even larger volume of poisonous gas.
  A. exposure  B. distribution  C. expansion  D. emission
5、The book seems to have been _____ from various books and articles.
  A. pieced together  B. taken off  C. broken away  D. pulled out
1、A. scattered. scattered是scatter的过去分词,也可作形容词用,(=lying in different directions; not situated together, wide apart)分散的,散布在各处的。Separate分开的,spread传播;摊开,dismiss解雇。
2、A. ways. two ways of looking at every questions意指“观察每个问题的两个方面”。
3、D. scarcely. scarcely(=hardly, not quite, almost not)几乎没有。Scarcely是否定副词,类似的有:hardly, barely, rarely, seldom, little等。研究生入学考试中经常测试这类否定副词的用法。
4、D. emission. emission散发物,发射。exposure(to)暴露于:They believe that their health problems are the result of years of exposure to fine cotton dust.(他们认为,他们的健康问题是多年来暴露于棉花粉尘所致。)expansion膨胀,扩大;Heat causes the expansion of gas.本题译文:正如汽车的生产和使用越来越多一样,汽车的排气管的散发物内所含的有毒气体量也在增加。
5、A. pieced together. piece together拼合,拼凑;take off起飞;break away from脱离;pull out拔出;驶出;(车)减速。
1、His proposal is very _______. We do not need any explanation.
  A. concrete  B.loyal  C.grey  D.draft
2、This is a _______ computer, which we just bought for our research.
  A. detective  B.luggage  C.digital  D.grave
3、The two pictures are _______. We don't know which is the copy.
  A. identical  B.likely  C.limited  D.resemble
4、If you don't want to wash your jacket, you may send it to a _______.
  A. participant  B.planet  C.laundry  D.ribbon
5、This is a very big hotel and it can _______ more than 1,000 people.
  A. accommodate  B.display  C.faint  D.loaf
参考答案:1、A 2、C 3、A 4、C 5、A
1、___ unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former.
  A. Before  B. Where  C. Unless  D. Until
2、Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our school, ___ the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning are our alumni(校友)from home and abroad.
A. Attend  B. To attend  C. Attending  D. Having attended
3、--- What's the matter with Della?
  --- Well, her parents wouldn't allow her to go to the party, but she still ___
A. hopes to  B. hopes so  C. hopes not  D. hopes for
4、Many young people in the West are expected to leave ___ could be life's most important decision -- marriage -- almost entirely up to luck.
A. as  B. that  C. which  D. what
5、Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with ___ of their parents.
A. those  B. one  C. both  D. that
参考答案:1、B 2、C 3、A 4、D 5、D
1、In this kind of hotel, there are no _______ rooms.
  A. luxury  B.marvelous  C.occasional  D.sulphur
2、Nothing can _______ me to leave my own country.
  A.verse  B.hay  C.tempt  D.attempt
3、Nobody in the class can _______ him of his mistake.
  A.believe  B.admit  C.thirst  D.convince
4、This tree is _______ for its beautiful flowers.
  A.hooked  B.stemmed  C.cultivated  D.parceled
5、He _______ his success to the good education he has received.
A.distributes  B.contributes  C.attributes  D.owns
参考答案: 1、A 2、C 3、D 4、C 5、C
1、He worked in our university as a football _______ for nearly five years.
  A.clerk  B.grain  C.coach  D.couch
2、The _______ in the river has to be rebuilt.
  A.court  B.cousin  C.dam  D.damp
3、He designed an experiment in order to _______ his theory.
  A.demonstrate  B.proof  C.defense  D.grasp
4、Heavy taxed are _______ on wines imported from the other countries.
  A.imposed  B.trgistered  C.splashed  D.thundered
5、I would like to visit you and _______ our friendship but in fact I can not come.
  A.rent  B.renew  C.mouse  D.spot
参考答案: 1、C 2、C 3、A 4、A 5、B
1、After so many weeks without rain, the ground quickly ____ the little rain that fell last night.
  A.skipped  B.soaked  C.retrieved  D.absorbed
2、The fox fell into the ____ the hunters had set for it.
  A.bush  B.trap  C.trick  D.circle
3、I don't know you want to keep the letter.I've ____ it up.
  A.torn  B.given  C.broken  D.disposed
1、D absorb意为“吸收”;skip意为“使(石片)跳跃着擦过水面”;soak意为“把…浸湿”;retrieve意为“使恢复;使再生”。
2、B bush意为“树丛”;trap意为“陷阱”;trick意为“把戏”;circle意为“圈,圆圈”。
3、A tear up意为“撕毁”;give up意为“放弃”;break up意为“击碎;拆散”;dispose of意为“处理;清除”。
1、What's the price of that _______ of potatoes?
  A.beg  B.pig  C.pint  D.sack
2、You don’t have to pay any _______ on personal belongings.
  A.price  B.duty  C.expense  D.elevator
3、Mary is too weak to _______ the piano across the room.
  A.apply  B.appeal  C.attract  D.drag
4、I was crossing the street and was almost _______ by car.
  A.attacked  B.dicked  C.hit  D.held
5、Do you have anything to _______ for customs?
  A.show  B.declare  C.exam  D.check
参考答案:1、D 2、B 3、D 4、C 5、B
1、I didn't ________ to take a taxi but I had to as I was late.
  A) assume  B) suppose  C) mean  D) hope
2、The hours ________ the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.
  A) in which  B) on which  C) when  D) that
3、 I'd rather have a room of my own, however small it is, than ________ a room with someone else.
  A) share  B) to share  C) sharing  D) to have shared
4、In Disneyland every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disney refused to ________ signs asking his "guests" not to step on them.
  A) put down  B) put out  C) put up  D) put off
1、C assume与suppose意思相近都使假设,认为的意思,hope表希望,而只有mean有“mean to do”打算做什么这个形式,因此答案为C。
2、D 此题考察定语从句,在这先行词是The hours,但它并不表示具体的时间,不是时间状语,而是一个定语从句,因此答案为D。
3、A 在这“than”后的动词应与”rather”后的一致,因此答案为A。
4、C “put down”是记下的意思,“put out”是熄灭的意思,“put up”是张贴的意思,“put off“是推迟的意思,所以只有选项C符合题意。
1、You'll find this map of great _____________in helping you to get round London.
  A. price  B. cost  C. value  D. usefulness
2、His letter was so confusing that I could hardly make any ______ of it.
  A. explanation  B. meaning  C. sense  D. guess
3、What he told us about the situation simply doesn't make any ______.
  A. use  B. reason  C. value  D. sense
4、You've just missed your ______, and you will have to wait for the next round.
  A. chance  B. turn  C. time  D. part
5、It's no ______ he always gets the first place in any examination.
  A. question  B. doubt  C. problem  D. wonder
1、C 本题考查特定语境中名词的词义及"be of + 抽象名词"结构。Price (价格),cost(价钱,费用,成本)不符合题意,value作"quality of being useful or desirable"解时,常与of搭配,在句中作表语或补语,意为"有用,有价值"。故选择value。注意名词词义辨异及惯用法表达,题中"of +抽象名词"相当于该名词的形容词形式。
2、C make sense of 意为"明白"、"理解"。比较:make sense 意为"有意义"、"意思清楚"、"有道理"。
4、B miss one's turn 电为"错过机会",注意下文的 …have to wait for the next round 所表示的语境。
5、D it's no wonder (+that从句)的意思是"难怪",也可说成 No wonder (+that从句)。
1、By law, when one makes a large purchase, he should have ________ opportunity to change his mind.
  A) accurate  B) urgent  C) excessive  D) adequate
2、You will see this product ________ wherever you go.
  A) to be advertised  B) advertised  C) advertise  D) advertising
3、All the key words in the article are printed in ________ type so as to attract readers' attention.
  A) dark  B) dense  C) black  D) bold
4、The basic features of the communication process are identified in one question: Who says ________ through what channel to whom?
  A) how  B) when  C) what  D) such
1、D accurate的意思为“精确的”,urgent的意思为“紧急的,眼前的,急迫的”;excessive的意思为“过分的过多的”;adequate为充足的。因此只有urgent符合题意。答案为D。
2、B 本题考察依然是过去分词表动宾关系,因此答案为B。
3、D dark是黑的的意思,得dense是浓重的意思,black是黑的意思,bold的意思为“粗体的,醒目的”,因此答案为D。
4、C 句子中缺少的是宾语主语,因此答案为C。
1、The socks were too small and it was only by ________ them that he managed to get them on.
  A) spreading  B) extending  C) lengthening  D) stretching
2、Language can be defined as a tool by which human beings ________ with one another.
  A) associate  B) connect  C) communicate  D) correspond
3、As a small boy, he was slow ________ learning to read and write.
  A) on  B) with  C) in  D) about
4、Tony was ________ a mile of the hotel when he ran out of petrol.
  A) within  B) inside  C) about  D) off
 1、spread 伸展,展开;铺,涂,敷,摆,传播,散布,extend 扩充,延伸,lengthen 延长,(使)变长,stretch铺开,把...拉直[长]。所以正确答案应该选择D。
1、I suggested he ____________________ (使自己适应) his new conditions.
2、What a lovely party! It's worth_________________( 牢记一生 ).
3、If you won't agree to our plan,_____________________( 他们也不会同意 ).
4、His remarks left me ____________________________( 想知道他的真实目的 ).
5、If you had_____________________ ( 听从了我的劝告,你就不会陷入麻烦)
1、should adapt himself to
  suggest作“建议”时,其宾语从句中要用虚拟句型"suggest that sb.(should)do sth.”结构;从suggest还可以联想到宾语从句中同样要用虚拟语气的相关动词如:insist,demand,order,ask,advise等。adapt oneself to 使自己适应或习惯于,其他搭配: adapt from 根据……改写/改编
2、remembering all my life
  Be worth doing…/值得做某事,还有说法是worth sth. 如:He is worth the praise.
3、neither will they
  neither表示“两者都不”, 表示"也"、"也不" 的句子要部分倒装。如:If you won't go, neither will I.
4、wondering about his real purpose
  leave sb doing 让继续处于某种状态;leave sb. to do sth. 让某人干某事
5、followed my advice, you would not be in trouble now.
  虚拟语气在if引导的条件句中的用法。从句:if + 主语+ 动词的过去式(be 用were) + …… 主句:主语+ would (should, could , might) + 动词原形
1、As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to ________ it.
  A) postpone  B) refuse  C) delay  D) cancel
2、These books, which you can get at any bookshop, will give you ________ you need.
  A) all the information  B) all the informations
  C) all of information  D) all of the information
3、Not until the game had begun ________ at the sports ground.
  A) had he arrived  B) would he have arrived
  C) did he arrive   D) should he have arrived
4、Young people are not ________ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.
  A) conservative  B) content  C) confident  D) generous
1、D “postphone”为 “推迟,延期”的意思;“refuse”为“拒绝,拒收”;“delay”意为“延误,延迟”,与“postphone”意思相近;“cancel”意为“取消”,因此D是符合题意的,答案为D。
2、A “information”在这里为特指,即为“你需要的”,因此必须加the,在这里the 的前面不能用”of”。所以答案为A。
3、C 这是一个“not….until”的倒装形势,Not until开头引起主谓倒装,因此答案为C.
4、B conservative是“保守的”意思;content做形容词是对…..满意,满足,句型为be content to; confident是充满信心的意思;generous是慷慨的,大方的意思。因此答案为B。
1、This factory is planning to build a new _______ line this year.
  A.resemble  B.assembly  C.productive  D.assess
2、Meat _______ much more easily than vegetables.
  A.loses  B.numerous  C.weaves  D.decays
3、I wish you would give me a more detailed _______ of you trip.
  A.account  B.advance  C.accuse  D.count
4、What time is the mail _______ on Saturday?
  A.objected  B.outlet  C.delivered  D.starved
参考答案:1、B 2、D 3、A 4、C
1、It is important that the hotel receptionist ________ that guests are registered correctly.
  A.has made sure  B.made sure  C.must make sure  D.make sure
2、I suggested he should ________ himself to his new conditions.
  A.adapt  B.adopt  C.regulate  D.suit
3、I'll never forget ________ you for the first time.
  A.to meet  B.meeting  C.to have met  D.having to be meeting
4、Cancellation of the flight ________ many passengers to spend the night at the airport.
  A.resulted  B.obliged  C.demanded  D.recommended
参考答案:1、D 2、A 3、B 4、B

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